Happy Holidays from Cayman Healthcare Consulting

By: Barrie Quappé MPA, RN, BSN – Consultant/Director:

Holidays are a great time to reflect and appreciate the experiences of the past year. CHCC would like to extend a sincere appreciation to all of their clients to date, since we began in March 2016. With you, we can continue to strive for excellence in healthcare. As a small token of our appreciation, here are some healthcare facility tips!

  • Policies – There are policies couched in the National Standards, required for a successful inspection, along with your specialty-specific policies. Ensure these are reviewed annually, and/or revised as new research emerges in your field. Best practice is scientific based! At the very least, they should be updated every 3 – 5 years.
  • Procedure Rooms – “Antimicrobial impregnated soft and solid surfaces are increasingly being offered by a variety of companies as a tool to reduce the burden of pathogens in patient’s environment and the associated risk of transmission and development of healthcare associated infections.” [ https://www.infectioncontroltoday.com/environmental-hygiene/antimicrobial-surfaces-tool-support-hai-prevention ] Consider planning to use these for your new facility or to upgrade your current place.
  • Emergencies – On your patient intake sheet, consider having a “tear-off” section that you can easily give to emergency personnel with much-needed basic information such as allergies, recent medications (e.g. aspirin) – to make the rescue of your patient more efficient. accurate and effective. Communication is everything!
  • Emergencies 2 – First Aid / AED training is easily accessible in Grand Cayman. Train all your staff so that your facility is covered no matter who is on vacation, or off ill etc. Check out this resource from the Red Cross. You can also contact CTMH Doctor’s Hospital at Sophia.Rado@doctorshospitalcayman.com, email the HSA at hazel.gordonfletcher@hsa.ky or email St Mathew’s to Qing Zhong at qzhong@stmatthews.edu . You will be ready to provide interim care until the arrival of emergency personnel.
  • Mock inspections – This is invaluable in ensuring your staff and facility don’t let eh basics ‘slide’ over time. Ask CHCC about our mock inspections to assess objectively how you are maintaining up to and beyond the National Standards and in plenty of time prior to your next inspection.

If you require assistance in any of these areas or if you need help with renewing your facility licensing please do not hesitate to contact us. We have also added work permit applications as a new product!

Meanwhile, enjoy the holidays, stay safe and hug family & friends. Hugs are healing!

Barrie Quappé MPA, RN, BSN

Cayman Healthcare Consulting
P.O. Box 30757, Grand Cayman KY1-1204, CAYMAN ISLANDS

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  1. After covid restrictions are eliminated for US citizens entering Cayman I would love to work for you on a contract basis. I have been retired for several years but would love to apply my experience, skills & background with your Organization.

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