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Barrie Quappé MPA, RN, BSN – Consultant/Director

As the first Health Practice & Facilities Inspector for health care facilities in the Cayman Island, Barrie has developed the policies and procedures for conducting inspections in the health care sector. Her investigative work for the Complaints Commissioner’s office has contributed greatly to her diverse knowledge of Public Administration.

Barrie Quappe - Cayman Healthcare Consulting LtdBarrie believes in natural justice, defined as an ‘English legal system doctrine that protects against arbitrary exercise of power by ensuring fair play’. This is the common denominator she uses when conducting either an inspection or an investigation. An example of Barrie’s studies for administrative justice is “Sharpening Your Teeth: Advanced Investigative Training for Administrative Watchdogs” conducted by Mr. Gareth Jones, from the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario, Canada; during her work with the local Ombudsman office.

Barrie has also pursued Certification online with the National Institutes of Health for “Protecting Human Research Participants”. The latter was to help guide the Cayman Islands Health Practice Commission as they process medical research facility applications.

Critical thinking skills, a tenacity for investigation, problem-solving attitude and an overall willingness to work with others in team investigation scenarios sets Barrie apart.

Career Highlights:

  • Clinical Research training with the Society for Clinical Research Excellence Association (‘SOCRA’) for FDA Clinical Trial requirements, Regulations and Compliance in 2014.
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