Policies, Research, Complaint Reviews, Malpractice case reviews and more.

Cayman Healthcare Consulting will help you navigate through the myriad of compliance and policy issues that your practice faces daily. 


Writing your policies and procedures handbook:


  1. Ensure policies are incompliance with local government requirements
  2. Ensure your policies and procedures reflect the culture of your practice
  3. Can add on training sessions with the facility staff to ensure a higher degree of implementing the policies.

Revise policies per latest research as appropriate:


Tracking professional research is often a ‘dropped ball’ due to time constraints. Ensure your policies are updated as the latest research becomes published, as it is pertinent to your area of practice. This will give your facility the professional edge.

Review of complaints:

You are required by law to have a formal in-house complaints policy. In the event you must process a patient or employee complaint, CHCC can independently review the case and offer independent findings. This is useful in the occasion where the subject of the complaint is the facility’s primary staff, who would normally review cases. Maintains objectivity of the review.

Review of potential medical malpractice cases:

CHCC will independently review all relevant reports for a potential malpractice case from a medical perspective, source further medical expertise as needed and deliver a comprehensive report for your legal counsel.


CHCC’s consultant is a previous Analyst with the Office of the Complaints Commission (the Ombudsman office) and has investigated, analyzed, and presented recommendations in a written report to the Commissioner for a final ruling. These reports would then be presented to the Legislative Assembly. The consultant has also received extensive training in oversight agency investigations. The medical background brings CHCC a sound investigator who can also recruit other medical professionals unto the review team as needed for a particular medical specialty.