Opening/Renewal of a health care facility:

Cayman Healthcare Consulting will prepare all Government administrative requirements for an application to establish or renew a Certificate of Operation for a healthcare facility.

CHCC can guide the applicant through the administrative and legal requirements.

CHCC can help prepare your facility and the staff for your inspection to ensure you are in compliance with the law.


  1. Time-saving in maintaining licensure of facility.
  2. Confidence in a higher degree of compliance with the National Standards.


Attend your facility inspection as your Facility’s “Inspection Coordinator”. (This is entered on your application form and accompanied by a letter stating this assignment shall accompany the application to inform the Health Practice Commission of this assignment.)


  1. Your inspection can be designated to CHCC who will attend your inspection and go through the process with you to increase level of compliance.
  2. Depending on individual specialty and preparation, this can reduce the inspection time.