By: Barrie Quappé MPA, RN, BSN – Consultant/Director:

A “new” normal for our services…

While it might seem like Covid-19 precipitated the work-from-home movement, the shift to remote work was actually already well underway. However, the pandemic has had far-reaching implications that have indisputably accelerated and amplified the remote-work trend. 

The COVID-19 crisis will end at some point. We, however, expect changes in consumer preferences and business models to outlast the immediate crisis. With this global trend in mind, we are starting to do business a bit differently and move with the shifts in time.

CHCC announces we are moving to remote/online work only for the convenience of access and not without consideration for our pandemic life changes.

Contact us with your job request and we will take you through this new way of working with you.

Barrie Quappe

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