Upcoming Stem Cell Seminar

Cayman Healthcare Consulting - Pensum Stem Cell Seminar

By: Barrie Quappé RN, BSN – Consultant/Director: Cayman Healthcare Consulting supports community health events and other worthwhile initiatives, so we wanted to share this great event with you. Pensum Health […]

Should Napping Protocols be Developed for Night Shift Workers?

Cayman Healthcare Consulting - Napping Protocols

By: Barrie Quappé RN, BSN – Consultant/Director: At one point in my floor nursing career, I met another nurse who preferred to work the night shift. She expressed that there […]

When Medical Interventions Do Harm: Iatrogeny

Cayman Healthcare Consulting - Iatrogenic Harm

By: Barrie Quappé RN, BSN – Consultant/Director: People have become accustomed to modern medicine, the recommendation for preventative care and the need for urgent/emergency care. Cayman, like many other countries […]

Service Showcase: Helping Facilities with Registration and Inspection Requirements

Cayman Healthcare Consulting - Facilities Inspections

Q: What is the service that you get asked for the most? A: To assist health care facilities through the registration and inspection requirements required by the Health Practice law […]

CHCC Case Study: NovoClinic Cayman

Cayman Healthcare Consulting - Success and Case Studies

NovoClinic is an existing health care facility that was requiring assistance with the registration of a physician and also help renewing their facility’s Certificate to Operate. The practitioner registration faced […]